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Choosing the Best False Eyelashes for Your Eye Shape

With so many different styles of lashes it can be hard to know what will suit you and what will not. You may think this is pure chance but in fact it all comes down to the shape of your eyes. Specific eyelashes are suited to specific eye shapes and in this post we will help you discover what the right makeup look and lashes are for you. Every woman’s eye shape is beautiful and not one is better than another and it is important to remember this when looking at your own.

It is also worth noting that you may have a combination of different eye shapes, for example, you may have wide set eyes that are also round. If this is the case you should test out different looks for each shape and find what works for you.

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ROUND EYES:  Entire iris is visible. 

Although a stark contrast from traditionally desired almond shaped eyes, round eyes can be hugely alluring and sexy; and are the eye shape of many celebrities such as Katy Perry, Amy Adams and Zoey Deschanel. Creating the illusion of a narrower eye, focus dark eyeshadow into the outer ‘v’ of your eye and crease, also highlighting your brow bone with a light shimmery colour. To complement this choose winged lashes with a focus on the outer lash to elongate the eye.

La Mink recommends: Crystal Eyes, Enchantress, Dainty

MONOLID EYES:  Flat with little or no crease, typically more almond shaped.

Often associated with women in Asia, monolids can be commonly found in Europe and Africa too. To create the illusion of a crease use a light shade over the eyelid and a dark shade blended into the area you would have a crease. Eyelashes for women with monolids will help open your eyes but heavy lashes will stick out too far. Opt for shorter wispier lashes to create a more natural look, going for curled lashes will give an extra lift.

La Mink recommends: Bae, PearlPrive


ALMOND EYES:  Most common eye shape with a very slight lift in the outer corner.

Almond shaped eyes tend to be symmetrical and are a very versatile shape that suits many different makeup looks and lashes. One eye look that particularly suits almond shaped eyes is a smokey eye, this will draw attention to your eye shape and make sure they are the focus of your makeup look. Criss-cross lashes will give great volume and drama but as this eye shape looks good with most lashes, experiment to find your personal style.

La Mink recommends: Crystal Eyes, Dreamy, First Class

UPTURNED EYES:  Outer corners turn up slightly.

Much like the almond shape eye this shape will suit most styles but try to avoid particularly voluminous lashes as it will bring your eyes too high up. When applying makeup you will aim to create a downward illusion. One way of doing this is by applying liquid or gel eyeliner to the outer corner, for a more subtle look smudge some kohl in the outer ‘v’ of your eye.

La Mink recommends: Envy, Goddess, Angelic


DOWNTURNED EYES:  Slight drop at the outer corner of eyes.

If you have downturned eyes you have the perfect eyes for one of the most iconic makeup looks – the cat eye. Begin by applying an eye primer, then line your upper lash line with eyeliner ending in a flick of 45 degrees. Length in lashes is key here to bring your eyes upwards, curl and emphasis on outer corners will also help to further lift your eyes.

La Mink recommends: Independent, Mystery Autumn, Sunset

DEEP SET EYES:  Set deeper into the skull creating a more prominent brow bone.

Accentuate the brow bone, inner corners and centre of the lid with a shimmery shadow to bring the eye forward, avoid using darker colours as it will draw the eye back further. Dramatic and extra long eyelashes suit this eye shape best. Be sure to wear waterproof mascara to avoid smudges as your eyelashes will tend to brush against your lid. Celebrities with this eye shape include Cameron Diaz, Julianne Moore and Taylor Swift.

La Mink recommends: Dazzle, Tease, Jewel


HOODED EYES:  Layer of skin drooping over the eyelid causing the lid and eyes to appear smaller.

It is a common misconception that hooded eyes are more prevalent as women age, yet this is not the case and many young women have hooded eyes. Lashes that taper on each end and focus on the center point will give the illusion of depth and a more open eye. Apply a medium shape on the lid and avoid highlighting anywhere except the inner corners as this will only make your eyes appear smaller.

La Mink recommends: Dazzle, Dime Piece, Dreamy

WIDE-SET EYES:  More than one eye width apart.

Eyes that are wide set tend to give a very youthful appearance and are often desired in models, supermodel Kate Moss herself has this eye shape. Dramatic lashes with the focus on the centre will give the illusion of closer set eyes, combining this with dark shadow will also make eyes appear smaller and heavier. Try to not extend your eyebrow too far when filling them in as this will pull your eyes out further.

La Mink recommends: Dreamy, Goddess, Allure


CLOSE-SET EYES:  Less than one eye width apart. 

To make close set eyes appear wider apart, choose lashes with thick volume on the outer edges to even out the eye proportions. Combine this with highlight on the browbone, a medium colour wash over the lid, some light definition in the crease and winged eyeliner to make your eyes appear instantly further apart.

La Mink recommends: EnchantressCrystal Eyes, Lacey

Although when choosing your lashes some will certainly suit you better than others it is always fun to experiment and try something different!

Which La Mink lashes will you be wearing with your eye shape?