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Application & Care

How to apply your lashes

Step 1:  Remove and Measure

Gently remove your La Mink lashes from the tray using a pair of tweezers, holding them from the end.

Measure them against your eyes – they should line up accordingly to your existing natural eyelash line. If not, you will need to trim off the excess.

Step 2:  Trim

Trim off the excess lashes starting from the outer end of the lash band. Trim off small sections at a time and re-measure against your eyes. Repeat this until you are satisfied that the lashes fit perfectly on to your eyes.

Step 3:  Curl 

Gently curl your natural eyelashes with an eyelash curler. (Optional)

Apply mascara on your natural eyelashes. Do not apply mascara on your La Mink lashes. In many cases, you will not need mascara as your La Mink lashes will give you a fuller and more natural eyelash look.

Step 4:  Apply Lash Glue

Apply lash glue to the band of your lashes. Precision is required at this stage as you do not want to get any glue on the mink fur. Remember to put extra glue at the beginning and end of the band to ensure that the lashes are securely attached to your eyelids.

You may need to wait for approximately 10 seconds for the glue to become tacky prior to application. Refer to the instructions of your glue for this.

Step 5:  Apply Lashes

It is time to apply your La Mink lashes!

Secure the middle section of your lashes with a pair of tweezers, or your fingers and place them closest to your natural lash line. Press the lashes firmly down towards your eyelid to ensure that they are attached properly.

If you feel a prick:

  • In the inner corner of your eyes, the lashes are too close to the inner corner of your eyes. Remove them from your eye and re-apply
  • In the outer corner of your eyes, the lashes are too long or you have placed them too far out from your eyelids. Remove them from your eye and re-apply, if necessary carefully trim a bit more off the outer edges.
Step 6:  Final Touch-Ups

Once the glue is completely dried, go over the lash band with your liquid or pencil (Kohl) eyeliner to cover the lash band.

Curl your lashes if needed.

Congratulations!  You are done.  Now, get ready to impress!

How to remove your lashes

Step 1:  Remove Lashes

Ensure your hands are clean.  Remove your lashes from your eyes by gently holding the end of the lash band.  Do not pull on the mink fur.  If the lashes cannot be easily removed from your eyes, try dabbing the lash band using a wet Q-tip dipped in water or oil-free make up remover.

Step 2:  Remove lash glue

Very gentle remove the remainder of the lash glue from the lash band by using your hands or a pair of tweezers. Grab hold of the lash band when you are doing this and remember not to pull on the mink fur. Again, you can utilise Q-tip dipped in water or oil-free make up remover to assist you in this process.

Step 3:  Storing

Ensure that you store your cleaned La Mink lashes back into its beautiful casing. The casing is designed to keep your lashes clean and dust-free which helps prolong its usage.